Get In Shape

We all know that boxers are in fantastic physical condition.  You can get in that same great condition without ever setting foot in a competitive

Weight Loss

Boxing is intense cardio work and burns a ton of calories.  It also manages to do double duty for cardio as a great HIIT workout.

Class Schedule

We're in the gym working the bags and training four days a week! Students are invited and encouraged to come to as many classes each


If you are looking to

  • Get in amazing shape or lose weight (hello, new year’s resolutions, I’m looking at you)
  • Learn a new sport that will give you discipline and some self-defense skills
  • Get in the ring to compete at the amateur or pro level in boxing
  • Cross-train for your favorite sport


Eppolito Boxing Gym is a full service boxing club — we have students who are serious competitors in the ring (we are USA-Boxing¬†sanctioned – Club#542), students learning the sport for the pure joy of it, and students using the program as a fitness tool to get back into shape and lose weight.

Our coaches have the right balance between pushing you to the next level and encouraging you for the successes you have in each class. We have boxers who are getting started before they hit the double digits, we have boxers who are just getting started well into their 40s. There is a place for everyone! Come down and “give it the old one-two”!

What do our students think about class?

“Love this gym! I was impressed from the very beginning by listening to the passion and experience in Frank’s voice when he spoke to me about boxing during my first visit. I am equally impressed with his training skills, his team and all the other students. Every workout is a new challenge, and I walk away weak-kneed but giddily happy about my accomplishment. FYI: I am in my late 40s and absolutely not starting out anywhere near in “good shape” — if I can do it, you can do it too!”
Lisa B – Knoxville, TN, Member since 2015

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General information

  • All ages and all skill levels welcome.
  • All participants must sign a liability waiver, and for those less than 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must accompany the minor to sign the waiver before participating in the first class.
  • You will need hand wraps for all classes. ¬† We highly suggest purchasing your own gloves and other accessories for the best fit. You can buy the perfect starter pack here!
  • We have classes FOUR days a week!¬†(see our class schedule)

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