Skills & Drills Video #0001

Skills & Drills #0001 OpenerYou may have noticed that things on the website are changing! We’re creating a brand new site with tons of resources for you — including at-home workouts, training videos, nutrition/recipes and much more! Plus, we’re developing some awesome videos over on our youtube channel. Go ahead and subscribe today to make sure you get all of them!

The first set of videos we’ve completed are of some of the drills and one-on-one teaching that we do in the gym during our classes. ¬†They will give you a great opportunity to take a peek into our gym and see how it works (and how much fun it is). ¬†Check out our VERY FIRST video, Skills & Drills #0001 by clicking on the video below – then go ahead and subscribe to the channel to make sure you get all our videos as soon as they are posted!

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