Learn The Sport

boxing-bagIf you’ve never tried boxing, you might think, compared to other sports, it’s different because we use our hands and not our knees or elbows (okay, we do use them, just not to hit people).  You might think the only thing in boxing that’s important is scoring a knockout punch and skill or technique just don’t matter.

Boxers KNOW that boxing is tough — tough training, tough competition.  You’ll work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life.  That knockout punch?  It’s really the lucky strike – 99% of boxing is pure raw speed, power and endurance, requiring reflexes and fast reaction times.  While history sees it as the “sport of kings”, in today’s word this highly skilled and demanding sport is mostly misunderstood and unappreciated as a fighting art.

No matter what your focus — whether you want to be a boxer or just expand on your skills from a different sport — you can benefit from boxing.  You’ll increase your speed, endurance, reflexes, power and more.  Boxing will teach you a great deal about your body and about yourself.  It’s a challenging sport and well worth learning!