Train For Competition

There’s nothing, nothing like the rush of getting in the ring and going toe-to-toe, eye-to-eye and fist-to-fist with a competitor.  But it’s not easy.

Competitive boxing fights are not judged just on how skillful you are or which one “fought better.”  It counts points, and points are determined by the number of direct hits you make on your opponent.  You’ll be constantly moving on your feet, working offense and defense tactics simultaneously and demanding more from your body that ever in order to walk away with that trophy that says you are the best!

At Eppolito Boxing Gym, our trainers have spent plenty of time in the ring (for reals), matching themselves against competitors.  This ain’t no theory class — classes are based on exactly what you need to know and learn to survive and thrive in the ring.  Classes include the essential cardio warmups like running and jumprope, plus mirror work, speed bag work, heavy bag drills, sparring, one-on-one instruction and more!